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Introduction and full review of all the introduced features Nextjs version 11

Nextjs Version 11
  1. Conformance
  2. Improved Performance
  3. next/script
  4. next/image
  5. Webpack 5
  6. Create React App Migration (Experimental)
  7. Next.js Live

Create styles using JSS and TypeScript in react apps. With new and very interesting techniques

The Best and Most Different Way to Create Styles in React Apps using JSS and TypeScript
  • Reason to use TypeScript instead of JavaScript
  • Reason to use JSS instead of other tools
  • Implement and create styles with JSS and TypeScript
  • Remove and separate the logic of styles from the logic of components
  • How can we have dynamic styles?
  • CSS
  • CSS Preprocessors (Sass, Less…

all lifecycle methods in class components and functional components in react js

Omid Shah Hosseini

Senior Frontend Engineer

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